Project Management

ISO/DIS 21500 Guide to Project Management System

It is intended to be a high-level international project management standard which gives guidance on the terminology, processes and subject groups of project management to be applicable to organizations of all sizes and sectors and will be designed for relative newcomers to project management, and as a reminder for more experienced practitioners in existing and future Standards. It will then be up to each country to supplement this standard with an implementation guide to provide more detail to apply it effectively taking cognisance of the local environment and culture.

A number of key benefits to the project management community will ensue from this standard as it will:

  • Aid in the transfer of knowledge between projects and organisations resulting in improved project delivery.
  • Facilitate more efficient tendering processes particularly on large international projects through the use of consistent project management terminology.
  • Enable multi-national organisations to coordinate their project management processes and systems.
  • Facilitate the mobility of project management personnel and their ability to work on international projects.
  • Provide a framework which can be used as the basis for mapping of certification programs globally and therefore assist in their reciprocity.
  • Provide a framework for project management generic principles and processes that could be built upon for the advancement of the project management profession.

Project Management Practices


All our solutions are highly client specific, therefore we only show small fragments of selected modules of the application.
The reports are generated out of the system by just pressing a button. The document templates are specified by the customer, usually in MS Word, Excel or PDF-format. Besides the export also an import of data from other applications is available.

The modules used here are:

  • Project Management
  • Client Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Expense Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Reporting Management

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Project Management
Project Management