Risk Management

The focus of ISO 31000 norm is on:

  • Transfer of the security vulnerabilities of an organization in controllable elements of the risk management system.
  • The achievement of compliance risk management system according to ISO 31000 with statutory requirements standards.
  • Integration of risk reporting into the existing management system of the organization.
  • Establishing of relevant risk criteria and methods for the risk analysis.

Risk Management ISO 31000


All our solutions are highly client specific, therefore we only show small fragments of selected modules of the application.
The reports are generated out of the system by just pressing a button. The document templates are specified by the customer, usually in MS Word, Excel or PDF-format. Besides the export also an import of data from other applications is available.

The modules used here are:

  • Risk Management
  • Measure Management
  • Process Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Reporting Management


Risk Management Matrix Risk Management Pie-Chart
Risk Management Risk
Risk Management Risk-Value
Risk Management Process
Risk Management Questions
Risk Management Report
Risk Management Measure
Risk Management Area
Risk Management Audit