Crisis Management

ISO 22301, Societal Security - Business Continuity Management Systems - Requirements

Although "Societal Security" may sound a little strange in relation to business continuity, here is how ISO defines it:
"... standardization in the area of societal security, aimed at increasing crisis management and business continuity capabilities, i.e. through improved technical, human, organizational, and functional interoperability as well as shared situational awareness, amongst all interested parties." ISO 22301 will obviously put much greater emphasis on setting the objectives, monitoring performance and metrics, therefore bringing business continuity much closer to top management way of thinking.

a) Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Lifecycle (right)
b) Process and Phases of 3D-Crisis Management (below)

3D Crisis Management
BCP Cycle


All our solutions are highly client specific, therefore we only show small fragments of selected modules of the application.
The reports are generated out of the system by just pressing a button. The document templates are specified by the customer, usually in MS Word, Excel or PDF-format. Besides the export also an import of data from other applications is available.

The modules used here are:

  • Crisis Management
  • Issue Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Prevention
  • Reporting Management


Crisis Management Intervention
Crisis Management Prevention
Crisis Management Assignment
Crisis Management Response Journal
Crisis Management Administration
Crisis Management Checklist
Crisis Management Response Phase
Crisis Management Event Risk